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Our Approach Puts Us Ahead of the Crowd

At Keystone, we do things a little differently.

We’re not interested in stuffing our pockets with your invoices – we’re focused on being the best at delivering real results for your business. That’s why we don’t work with everyone – we carefully choose only the people we know we can help. Why? Because our whole business model relies on your success: we don’t get paid in full until you achieve the results you’re looking for.

And we’re not exactly going hungry. Because when you’re focused on creating real value, the rest takes care of itself.

So how do we do it?

We provide a complete business solution, combining battle-tested strategy with the inner game of psychological business success. The Keystone method of expert planning and measured execution gets you winning in the first 6-12 months… and keeps you winning for years.

Our Process

Your Success is Our Business.

The Keystone process is focused on getting tangible results that drive and strengthen your business. Our method of strategy, execution, and review in 90 day blocks provide business owners with ultra focused action plans that result in real and consistent outcomes. The proven methods and strategies we use accelerate business growth while building scalable systems – so you can break free of the day-to-day and focus on what matters most to you.


Using the Keystone 18 Point Business Diagnostic, we develop a 360 degree view of your business.

Our panel of experts use their years of experience developing multi-million dollar businesses to identify which areas to focus on to achieve the greatest overall growth in the coming 90 day block.


We create highly actionable and outcome focused plans for the next 90 days. Each plan is a tailored combination of whatever the business needs to achieve its goals for that period.

We empower our clients with all the tools, knowledge and support they need to complete all actions in their plan.


At the end of each 90 day period, we meet with our expert panel to review our results, refine where necessary, and engineer a new plan to move the business forward again in the next 90 days.

If you haven’t achieved the goals we agreed upon for the last 90 days, we don’t get paid in full until you do.

Aidan Parsons - Founder & CEO

I strongly believe that your business should give you the freedom to live the life you want – not chain you to a desk away from your family for 60 hours a week. Over my years of experience in business, I’ve met many professionals who are slowly being swallowed whole by the ever increasing demands of their business. Professionals who need assistance to build structures and scalability into their business, but don’t want to outlay huge chunks of cash on a coach they aren’t sure they can trust.

So I founded Keystone to fill that need, and created the Keystone payment system to financially back ourselves for full accountability in achieving results for our clients. And it’s been a resounding success. Keystone builds our clients’ success on a foundation of extensive undergraduate and postgraduate training in human behaviour and high performance environments, supported by a handpicked team of experts in all fields of business.

We’re here to create results, not invoices.

Recent Client Results

700% increase
in profit in 9 months +
for the owner

Owner’s time
in business reduced
to 80% while
referrals went
up by 300%
due to improved
staff culture

75% improvement
in lead generation,
equalling $400,000
in new profit

Increased profit margin
in marketing by
7% within 3 months
on a 13 million
annual revenue

turnover by
3 million
in 6 months

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