The Number One Reason Why You Lose Sales

Trust is everything, yeah? Especially in a very untrusting world. You cannot build solid relationships with customers without it. So why is it we regularly fail to back up our guarantee’s with validating proof, aka testimonials?

It doesn’t matter what you, your website, social media profiles say about you. If it doesn’t come from a customer in the form of a testimonial your prospective customer won’t believe you.


If you were buying a car and the salesmen said that the car you are interested in is the best in its category would you believe him?

Hell no!

Whenever you say something about your product or service it is a claim that has not been validated.

If your best friend was to tell you the car you are looking at was the best in its category would you believe them?

Most likely! If it is your mother who has no idea what car she drives, then probably not. But you get the idea.

You need to understand what other people say about you, your business/service instantly more powerful than some slogan on your website. From now until the day you die, every claim you make needs to be backed up with proof.


How to create a bullet proof testimonial

You have probably created testimonials before which is fantastic!

An average testimonial is better than no testimonial!

I would now like to share with how to bulletproof your testimonials!

We have all see the testimonials that look like ‘James is a good guy, hire him.’

Your testimonials need to overcome objections that your potential customers may have before they decide to work with you.

“I was scared to make the jump because it was a lot of money but once I did hire <insert your business> I never looked back. I achieved x, y and z.”

Some more good and bad testimonials

Generic common testimonial;

“Working with James was a wonderful experience, he helped me identify where I want to go and how to get there.’

Optimal testimonial;

“By working with James I was able to increase the amount of leads I received by 219%, work 10 hours less per week and finally buy my wife the 5k anniversary ring she has always wanted, at first I was sceptical on hiring a ‘business coach’ but once James explained that he doesn’t get paid unless I hit the targets I set made it a no brainer, I literally had nothing to lose, but everything to gain. Working with James has been the best investment I have ever made!

See the difference?

To help you craft wicked testimonials I want you to make a list of every reason why someone would object to doing business with you.

It also helps to ask you current customers, what objections they had before they worked with you.

Remember, us humans have great BS detectors.

So when it comes to your testimonials they will still be a bit sceptical. We can thank poorly done marketing for that!

So, have a think about how you can make sure they know your testimonials are the real deal.

Video testimonials are my preferred choice, but if you haven’t got the resources to do that I would suggest using the customer’s name combined with a photo of them.

Now you know how to make bulletproof testimonials go out there and create some.

Put them everywhere! On your website, social media platforms and most importantly with your offers!

Hustle hard,

James Hill

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