As a business owner, you go out into the marketplace, work hard, and get results!’

This is great – the harder you work, the better your bank balance looks. But soon enough it dawns on you (just like everyone else) that the real value in business isn’t money, the real value in business is time. You can only do so much. It’s at this stage you know that you need your first employee……

Hiring an employee can make or break a business – they can strengthen your brand or damage it. The can make you money or cost you money. Whether you like it or not though, it is impossible to grow your business without employing someone else.

It’s for this reason we have developed the New Employee Checklist which will guide you through the processes, policies and procedures of making sure you have all your ducks in a row before hiring your first employee. Take yourself through this checklist knowing that you are entirely prepared to hire a new employee, and make sure they compliment your business not compromise it.


We all know that we need to review our businesses, that’s a no brainer. But any review is only as good as the information you get from it!

In the past, business owners have been happy to settle for the opinions of others looking back over the year.

But that really is not cutting it anymore – let’s not forget the numbers don’t lie.

At Keystone, we use this Definitive End of Year Assessment to fully assess the performance of our business in four separate areas.

End of Financial Year Performance Checklist

Quickly identify where you need to focus to improve your performance in the coming year.

With the end of every financial year comes the opportunity to assess the performance of your business. For most business owners, this involves working out if you’ve met your goals… and if not, why not.

But getting a clear view of where you stand involves more than just your revenue goals – there are a multitude of factors that feed and influence your overall financial success.


Download this proven two-page strategic business plan that has built countless successful businesses and provided a road map for 7, 8 & 9 figure businesses to dominate their competition and smash their goals.

Fill it in, print it out and stick it up on the wall next to every employee in your business to unite your team under one common purpose and strategy to deliver results…


So Christmas is here – great! It’s the time where sales go through the roof and credit cards get a workout.

While this is great for business, it seems to always come at a high cost for business owners…

There’s more competition in the marketplace, less time with family, oh and let’s not forget that fear of over capitalising on stock and advertising.

I see too many business owners robbed of a peaceful Christmas with their family due to the pressure of getting the most out of the Christmas period.

But believe it or not, you can sit back with your loved ones over the Christmas period and still know that your slice of the Christmas pie will be bigger than last year. We have compiled a list of 47 actions that our most successful clients have tucked away under the Christmas tree – giving them back the most important time of the year.

So download your copy of the 47 point Small Business Christmas Checklist now. And have a happy and successful Christmas.

The Definitive Checklist for Working On Your Business, Not In It.

Is your business on the right track for you to step out of the detail and focus on the big picture? Download this free 71 point checklist and see how you measure up.

This checklist is your roadmap through the essential elements that you need to address to build a healthy, self-sustaining business.

See at a glance the areas where you need to define your vision, fuel your growth, and build autonomy so your business runs on its own, leaving you with more time and freedom to do what really matters.

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