Definitive Small Business Christmas Checklist


So Christmas is here – great! It’s the time where sales go through the roof and credit cards get a workout.

While this is great for business, it seems to always come at a high cost for business owners…

There’s more competition in the marketplace, less time with family, oh and let’s not forget that fear of over capitalising on stock and advertising.

I see too many business owners robbed of a peaceful Christmas with their family due to the pressure of getting the most out of the Christmas period.

But believe it or not, you can sit back with your loved ones over the Christmas period and still know that your slice of the Christmas pie will be bigger than last year. We have compiled a list of 47 actions that our most successful clients have tucked away under the Christmas tree – giving them back the most important time of the year.

So download your copy of the 47 point Small Business Christmas Checklist now. And have a happy and successful Christmas.

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