End of Financial Year Performance Checklist

Quickly identify where you need to focus to improve your performance in the coming year.

With the end of every financial year comes the opportunity to assess the performance of your business. For most business owners, this involves working out if you’ve met your goals… and if not, why not.

But getting a clear view of where you stand involves more than just your revenue goals – there are a multitude of factors that feed and influence your overall financial success.

And you need to be totally across what they are if you’re to properly analyse your business and make better decisions in the new financial year ahead.

This quick questionnaire covers:

  • Your must-know numbers across 2016 & 2017 financial years.
  • Across the board key deliverables for all business departments.
  • Crucial questions you need to know about your customers.
  • Staffing issues and opportunities you need to be ahead of.

Get it now if you’re serious about improving last year’s results.

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