New Employee Checklist



As a business owner, you go out into the marketplace, work hard, and get results!’

This is great – the harder you work, the better your bank balance looks. But soon enough it dawns on you (just like everyone else) that the real value in business isn’t money, the real value in business is time. You can only do so much. It’s at this stage you know that you need your first employee……

Hiring an employee can make or break a business – they can strengthen your brand or damage it. The can make you money or cost you money. Whether you like it or not though, it is impossible to grow your business without employing someone else.

It’s for this reason we have developed the New Employee Checklist which will guide you through the processes, policies and procedures of making sure you have all your ducks in a row before hiring your first employee. Take yourself through this checklist knowing that you are entirely prepared to hire a new employee, and make sure they compliment your business not compromise it.

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