How to Find a Good Business Coach

Looking to get your business and personal success back on track? Feel like you’ve lost your way? Seeking out a business coach is usually the next logical step for most people, but the task of finding the right business coach can be a hard one.

There are so many business coaches out there that it can be difficult to tell the good from the bad, and a big part of finding a good business coach comes down to whether they are the right fit for you and your business. So, to cut through the clutter, here’s a guide on some of the things to look out for and what to avoid when searching for a business coach.

Education and Knowledge

Because the business coaching industry isn’t regulated here in Australia, it can be hard to tell the real deal from the imposters. A good business coach should have a combination of real-world business experience and a formal education from a recognised coaching school. Also, the more experience they have as a business coach, the more hands-on skills and knowledge they will have to help you.

But do keep in mind that business coaches with lots of experience also likely come at a cost, so an eager newcomer with the education and a business background can very well be a great place to start if you’re budget-conscious.

The Right Fit

Not every business coach is cut from the same cloth. The approach and specialisation of each can vary drastically. Some business coaches specialise in different company sizes and industries depending on their training and experience, and their approach can vary greatly from casual and laidback to stern and fast-paced, so make sure the business coach you choose is the right fit for you.

Try and get an insight into what their personal philosophy is on business and understand their coaching style. Are they a hands-on or hands-off kind of coach? Will they hold your hand through the process or leave you to your own devices?

It’s also just as important to learn about the business model they intend to implement. Take the time to understand each level of the business model and your role in making it work to ensure it’s a realistic and attainable path forward for your business.

But being the right fit also extends into whether their personal views and beliefs about business mirror or complement your own, and if they have a personality that you really gel with. You should be able to tell from your initial consultation if they’re a perfect match. Make sure you come equipped with lots of questions to find out for sure if they are the right business coach for you.

Success and Results

A business coach can be all talk, but their smooth words won’t mean anything unless they can back up their claims with facts and data. If they can’t show proof of their previous successes, how do you know they can help you get results and make you a success? After all, that’s what a business coach is paid to do!

Read testimonials and get insights into how they have helped other clients in the past to see if they can get you the success and results you’re hoping for.

Focused on You and Your Business

Every business chooses a business coach for different reasons, whether that be to achieve a better work life balance, boost company morale or improve success and ROI for the business overall. Your business coach should listen and take the time to understand what you want to get out of the experience and tailor a plan to meet those needs.

Unfortunately, there are some businesses coaches out there who are more focused on building up their ego and lining their pockets rather than placing you at the top of the priority list. A good business coach is selfless and completely focused on meeting your specific needs. They should be in the business of helping others, and that authenticity is bound to shine through in their caring and compassionate demeanour.


A business coach should be working with you to implement a solid business model, and at times, that means being flexible. If there’s something you’re not willing to do or you strongly believe won’t help your business, your business coach should be able to come up with alternative options that are more in line with what you hope to achieve.

Sometimes if a business coach is too set in their ways, they may not see the bigger picture of what’s right for your business and may not realise that what works for one business won’t necessarily work for another.

Keep in mind however that you should also keep your own mind open and be flexible to new ideas and approaches you never considered before. So, being flexible goes both ways.

Honest & Reliable

You are entrusting the future success of your business in the hands of this business coach, so honesty and reliability must be at the very top of your list. A good business coach should be upfront, honest and tell it like it is rather than put a good spin on a bad situation.

If a business coach doesn’t think they can help you or if your expectations and goals are unrealistic, they should tell you upfront and not lead you down the garden path. A good business coach will be honest with you about the progress, pull you in line if you’re not holding up your end of the agreement and provide options to set you back on the right path if things are getting off track.

They should also be reliable. Will the business coach call you back when they say they will and turn up to meetings on time? You’re depending on them to help you, so you should be able to reach them without too much hassle when you need their guidance.

Authentic & Approachable

You need to be comfortable around your business coach and feel free to talk openly and honestly with them about yourself and your business. If you’re not completely comfortable communicating with your business coach, you won’t be able to get the most out of their services.

A friendly and personable persona will go a long way to making the process a pleasant experience. You can usually tell when someone isn’t being real or genuine with you; they will dodge questions and talk around topics. You can’t fake authenticity!

Find a Good Business Coach that’s the Right Fit for You

As you can tell, we haven’t written this article to convince you to choose us as your business coach. Picking a business coach is a very personal decision and you need to make sure that not only do you find a good one, but you find the right one for you.

If you would like to see if we’re the right fit for you, contact us to set up a consultation.

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