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101 of Compelling Selling

How do I sell?

How do I sell better?

Who sells the best?

Do I sell or do people buy?

When people speak about sales, quite often there is a negative connotation. Some of the FAR OUT perceptions I have heard and personally have held about Sales are as follows….


  1. – If my product is good enough I don’t need to “sell it”. FALSE
  2. – Selling is manipulation, that is not what my business about. FALSE
  3. – People hate being sold to. FALSE

If these are some of the beliefs you are holding around sales,


I guarantee it will save you a lot of pain and you will get enormous value over the next few months as a result.

First of all I want to list the 10 truths of sales that you need to grasp.


  1. – People love being sold to… by a good sales person.
  2. – People do not buy what your product does, rather how your product and it’s outcomes make them feel.
  3. – Sales is 100% relationship 0% manipulation.
  4. – You can not make anyone do anything they do not already want to do on some level.
  5. – Good sales people are honest.
  6. – Language can help, but your emotional state trumps language EVERYTIME!
  7. – The confidence you have in your product will be reflected in your prospect, this is the same for a lack of confidence (VERY IMPORTANT FOR SOLE TRADERS)
  8. – Sales is about making your customer feel comfortable with making a decision they already know would be good for them to take.
  9. – Good salespeople are not 6ft 5, athletic with Hollywood smiles and perfect style.
  10. – Sales can happen over three to four engagements, but they don’t have to.

Right, so I’m certain some of those truths are going to rub you the wrong way and that is good. It shows the area that you need to focus on first.

So rather than list everything here I want to START the conversation and continue it in the comments section.

When you approach someone to sell something or a lead is generated through the three strategies of effective lead generation I explained here I want you to STOP and think of the statement below.


This is the first step where all novice salespeople go wrong.

What you must realise is that NO customer wants to hear how good your product straight away. There will be a time for this, it will be softly used and ideally the customer will SELL THE PRODUCT TO THEMSELVES.

Just stop please, for you and the customer. Wait!!

An important side note here is that if you feel like you are a pushy sales person then your customer will feel pushed as well.

Rather ask the customer some questions to determine:


Things like,

  • – What piqued your interest about X
  • – I’m obviously here to help you understand our products. It would be really helpful to learn what exactly you are looking for in order to make sure I can offer a good fit.

Even Jordan Belforts classic “How long have you been in the market for X”

When you find this out you get several things:

  1. – An insight into what they are actually looking for!
  2. – A position in the drivers seat of the conversation and an ability to elicit different emotional states around your product.
  3. – A non-verbal permission to speak about your product at a later stage

The most important thing is that you are no longer FISHING THE BREEZE!

If you would like to have a chat about how to further improve your sales process, simply book in a time for a complimentary 45 minute strategy session HERE

To you success,

Aidan Parsons

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