This one simple tip will save your business hard earned money and increase employee job satisfaction.

What can you do for 5 minutes once a year that will save you thousands in lost earnings and gain you just as much again in increased revenue?



What is the one thing that your could do every year, that could take no less than five minutes however could generate millions in revenue and save you just as much in lost earnings.

Quite a claim right…? Well this has been shown time and time again to work.

Simply put…. Pay your employees to quit!

WAIT!!! Before you close this browser let me show you why this is the case, and more importantly how it is done with the greatest results. If you go ahead and fire everyone you are stuffed. Wouldn’t you agree?

So this is not a new theory, and it is very well evidenced to get results started this a long time ago and it was quickly adopted by Amazon after they purchased Zappos in 2009.

The offer itself which applies to all new Amazon employees, not just customer service employees starts at $2000.00 USD to quit and increases each year by $1000.00 USD capping out at $5000.00 USD.

The reason why this is so effective is that unhappy employees make for unsuccessful companies. We have all had to share a workspace at one stage or another with someone who simply does the bare minimum and drags the overall work ethic down a few notches.

  1. – Environment
  2. – Structure
  3. – Implementation
  4. – People

It all stems around the E.S.I.P Model. The Environment of a workplace is the foundation to its success. Happy culture supports happy employees and build healthy companies. The evidence base for this is astronomical.

When you keep your environment healthy, happy and lean, your results will mirror this. It’s a no brainer.

By giving all employees the opportunity to sit back and ponder whether they want to commit to another year with your organisation or do they want to actually take a big fat bonus and find another employer, does several things.

  1. Makes it guilt and judgement free for non-satisfied employees to leave their role
  2. – Decreases the negative impact on your staff as pessimistic employees can have
  3. – Increases the positive culture and emotional impact on your existing staff
  4. – Creates cognitive dissonance (psychological commitment to self) around the fact that they ARE committing to another year with this company and everything this entails

Remember you can’t be different, radical, cutting edge in your market without doing something that (A) gets you there; and (B) keeps you there. Allowing your employees to leave for $5000.00 once a year may not work for you but I would ask you what is it that will give your company the edge?

Feel like working it out, give me a call or book a time through our website to see if we can offer you anything.

Looking forward to hearing from you,



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