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Keystone Executive Coaching’s programs are designed to give you the tools, training, resources and support needed to create extraordinary outcomes for your business.

Our expert business coaches and mentors work closely with you to help you flourish both personally and professionally. A business cannot grow beyond the capabilities of those running it, so our dynamic approach focuses on both the business itself, and the person behind it.

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Coaches have a passion for what they do, but often find themselves caught at the hurdle of actually running a business. They’re unsure about how to get leads, apprehensive about selling themselves, and lamenting their trickling cash flow.

This program provides one on one weekly coaching with a handpicked mentor who has demonstrated expertise in their field and achieved the same success the client is looking for. Clients receive specific and actionable guidance around marketing, sales, leadership, business development and planning, and also receive coaching to develop a successful mindset.

Coaches learn to build a sustainably successful business around their passion, and receive practical support every step of the way from the Keystone team.

Outcomes Include:

  • A process to build consistent leads without spending on advertising.
  • A road map out of their current job and into full time paid coaching.
  • A sales process that closes 1 in every two clients.
  • Becoming a go to expert in their field.
  • Leveraging local and national media for their profile.

Coaches Receive:

  • 1:1 coaching via phone, Skype and face to face where available.
  • Monthly meeting with Aidan, and a group of expert coaches for feedback and growth.
  • Comprehensive business planning resources covering:
    • Setting and measuring KPI’s
    • Goal setting and completion.
    • Sales processes & cash flow predictors.
    • Marketing strategies including referral partnerships and tendering process guidelines.

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This program was developed to assist sole traders and business owners who are looking to move from working in their business to on it. Commonly our business coaching clients have achieved mid level success but at the cost of spending less time with their family.

This program focuses on mindset work as well as building scalable and automated systems to stimulate and support business growth without the need to spend more time and energy ‘doing the do’. It helps clients build a lifestyle around their successful business as much as a business that supports their life.

Clients receive one on one coaching with a handpicked business coach who determines how to improve the overall business in the shortest amount of time. We work together in 90 day blocks to achieve each goal, and review and refine at the end of each period.

This program has a strong influence on building the emotional state and success mindset of success for the business owner, with the aim of creating a lifestyle that is complimented by their business, not consumed by it.

Outcomes Include:

  • Moving into a management / BDM role for their business.
  • Building a team culture that allows time away from the business.
  • An ability to bring in more work without burning up their personal life.
  • Greater quality of life both at work and at home.
  • The road map to grow their business with little effort and smart action.

Coaches Receive:

  • One on one coaching with Aidan or a senior consultant handpicked to suit their business needs (face to face where applicable, or phone / video conference).
  • Unlimited coach contact.
  • Access to the Keystone membership area.
  • Project management software.
  • Online marketing software.
  • Planning and management templates.
  • Unlimited live in house training (where planned in advance).
  • Comprehensive business planning resources covering:
    • Setting and measuring KPI’s
    • Goal setting and completion.
    • Sales and negotiations
    • Leadership and cultural development.
    • Sales processes & cash flow predictors.
    • Online and offline marketing strategies.
    • Referral partnerships and tendering process guidelines.
  • A complimentary seat at all live Keystone Workshops and Trainings.

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This is the Gold Standard of business consulting in Australia. We incorporate the psychology of success behind business development, blending both practical tasks and coaching to the exact recipe that your business needs to achieve its ultimate outcomes.

How does it work?

Upon acceptance into the program, you will receive a full business appraisal and implementation plan after a 30 day assessment period. Our team of experts find the areas that will give your business the biggest growth in the shortest amount of time, and then set tangible goals with you for the next 90 day block.

Upon your agreement, our team develops an action plan to reach those goals, providing a clear game map for your business.

Each 90 day activity block is guided by your dedicated business coach, who works with you to provide tailored training and mentoring to help you achieve your goals.

In addition, you will undergo quarterly round table reviews of your business progress from a team of experts, giving you a complete view of your business.

We provide the business owner a personalised experience, placing them back in the driver’s seat of their business with clear measurable outcomes to complete for business results.

Who is it for?

This program is for the business owner who wants a highly successful, scalable business that gives them the lifestyle they want. It is suited to businesses with 10 employees or above and a turnover of over $750,000 annually, that are seeking to create more sustainable sales and marketing growth and an outstanding team culture.

Clients Receive:

  • The Keystone 18 point full business appraisal.
  • Business growth and development plan.
  • Personal business consultant on call 24/7.
  • Live in house training as required.
  • Representation and support during negotiations and sales if required.
  • Unlimited access to all Keystone resources including:
    • Project management software.
    • Marketing & sales training.
    • Leadership & cultural development mentoring.
    • Business planning & staff retention resources.
    • Financial growth programs and trainings.
  • A complimentary seat at all live Keystone Workshops and Trainings.

The program is delivered via phone or Skype, however every quarter your consultant will fly to your workspace for the review process to ensure your goals are met and a comprehensive review takes place. We will alternatively fly you to our location and host you at our offices.

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